Can internal fat knife beauty instrument improve recessive obesity constitution?

Some people look slim and slim, but their body fat rate is very high. We generally call them invisible obesity.

The fat of invisible obese people is deep inside the body, which is called visceral fat. They wrap the liver, spleen, stomach and other chemicals that can be released, damage the arteries around the heart, increase the risk of cancer, and lead to a variety of diseases.

Visible, invisible obesity can not be underestimated. It is actually a sub-health signal sent by the body. Although it may not cause adverse physical conditions temporarily, if it is allowed to develop, excessive adipose tissue will lead to abnormal increase of estrogen and inflammatory factors, which will induce chronic diseases such as fatty liver, hyperlipidemia, hypertension and hyperglycemia.

Aiming at the problem of excessive fat in the body, we can use the internal fat knife for internal fat reduction. The internal fat knife is characterized by sufficient energy, so the energy transmission is also very sufficient. It can reach the depth of the cortex and directly take effect on the fat wrapping the internal organs without energy waste. Therefore, it is more efficient. The dissolved fat will be discharged out of the body with the lymph sweat glands, Thus, the purpose of reducing visceral fat is achieved.

At the same time, the internal fat knife can also accelerate blood circulation and enhance immunity. Its heat can take the excess water in the body out of the body for evaporation, effectively expel edema, and the temperature rise will also increase local blood flow. High temperature can also stimulate and awaken the collagen under the skin. In fact, it can rejuvenate and reorganize, which can not only restore the elasticity of the skin, but also have a significant effect on the orange peel of the thigh and hip. You can see a significant improvement in one cycle.

Removing visceral fat will not only make the lower abdomen flat and more beautiful, but also have many positive effects on health, which should not be ignored.

In addition, we should also do more exercise in many aspects, replace the pork in the diet with fish and chicken and duck meat, maintain a certain frequency of intensive exercise, or do some fitness exercises with adaptive intensity at home, so as to increase the consumption of internal fat from various details.

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