Check the advantages and effects of RF wrinkle removal

The principle of RF wrinkle removal is that the RF wave penetrates the barrier of epidermal basal melanocytes, heats the collagen fibers in the dermis to 55 ℃ – 65 ℃, shrinks the collagen fibers, and tightens the loose skin wrinkles, so as to achieve the purpose of beauty and wrinkle removal. At the same time, it can also improve the local skin relaxation around the eyes, chin, neck, arms and so on. For stretch marks, orange peel like skin on hips and thighs, it also has an improved RF wrinkle removal effect.

RF wrinkle removal uses a specially designed probe to send out high-frequency electromagnetic waves. When contacting the skin, the water molecules in the tissue are polar molecules, and the water molecules rotate and squeeze into other molecules due to the electromagnetic wave of the probe. The rapid rotation and oscillation of 40 million times per second will produce heat to the tissue. Then the collagen will shrink immediately when heated, and the skin will be renewed and proliferated. Because the collagen holds up, the skin will become fuller and more elastic in addition to the reduction of fine lines.

RF wrinkle removal effect

  1. Safe, RF wrinkle removal system can protect the epidermis, achieve the satisfactory effect of safety and efficiency, and has higher safety than other non-invasive treatments. In addition, there is no recovery period after treatment, and patients can immediately resume their daily work and rest, eliminating other precautions necessary after treatment.
  2. High efficiency. Experiments have proved that RF wrinkle removal can effectively stimulate collagen reorganization, tighten skin and reduce wrinkles, with high satisfaction after treatment.
  3. Lasting. After treatment, the skin will improve every day due to the continuous production of new collagen. It will achieve more remarkable and satisfactory results in about 4-6 months.

Radiofrequency wrinkle removal treatment has a wide range and is also very safe, so it is favored by consumers. For example, RF wrinkle removal can treat wrinkles in crow’s feet, forehead, chest, eyes, nasolabial groove, cheeks, abdomen, neck, upper arm and other parts.

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