Do you know why freezing depilation doesn’t leave scars? That’s why!

It can be said that most boys can accept more hair. For girls, that’s different. In summer, it is inevitable to want to wear their own skirts, super shorts and so on. The sweat and hair is exuberant, which obviously puzzles many girls. To solve this problem, freezing point depilation is a good method. So, do you know why freezing depilation doesn’t leave scars? That’s why!


Freezing point depilation is a new non stripping and non-invasive laser beauty technology. It adopts a patented cooling system and uses the absorption of melanin cells in hair follicles to generate heat in hair follicles, so as to selectively destroy hair follicles and achieve the effect of removing hair while avoiding damage to surrounding tissues. The process of freezing point depilation is simple and fast, so it will not leave scars after treatment.

For price, it is also the object that many people urgently want to know. At present, the price of freezing point depilation is not fixed, generally about 400-6000 yuan. There are many factors affecting the price, including the situation of beauty seekers, hair removal parts, regions and hospitals. The more hair the beauty seeker has, the more hair he needs to take off. The price will be different with different depilation parts. Different regions, different economic levels and different prices. Different hospitals have different charging standards, and the prices are naturally different. It is recommended to choose a regular hospital.

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