Does back depilation hurt? Is there any side effect of back depilation?

A sister and a foolish fox said that they had a lot of hair on their back and still couldn’t wear backless clothes or clothes with one shoulder. What should we do. Hair removal. Many girls have a lot of problems with back depilation laser depilation: does back depilation hurt? Does back depilation have wood and side effects Today, I’ll talk about it in detail and answer your questions.

Back depilation

Does back depilation hurt? So scared!

To be honest, there is no feeling at all. It must be deceptive. Duxiaohu has personally experienced back depilation. In the past, the pain during laser depilation was very strong, which was stronger than that of the body. Now with the progress of science and technology, there is no obvious feeling when doing back, which is very comfortable, but generally speaking, it is within the acceptable range.

Will back depilation have side effects? can’t. Many people may think of radiation as soon as they hear the laser, but beauties can rest assured that the medical laser is harmless to the human body. Moreover, laser hair removal only damages the hair follicle and no longer grows hair, which does not cause damage to other skin tissues of the human body.

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