From the principle of Mathews, does it belong to healthy weight loss

Mathews is not so much to lose weight, but more accurately to lose fat and increase muscle. After many people use Mathews, their body shape has obviously changed, but their weight has not changed as much as their body shape. This is not to say that Mathews is ineffective.

Mathews’s weight loss is now the most scientific and healthy way to lose weight. The biggest misunderstanding of ordinary people’s weight loss is to lose weight by not eating. This has two disadvantages. First, the weight lost by starvation is more water and muscle. Therefore, although it looks thin, the proportion of fat is still relatively high, that is, we commonly call thin and fat people. On the other hand, often in a state of hunger, the body will make automatic adjustment. When nutrition comes in, it will be preferentially converted into fat and stored up in case of insufficient nutrition in the future. In this way, the weight lost by starvation will not only lose health, but also be easy to bounce back.

Mathews called the principle of healthy weight loss is that it says that radio frequency is injected into the body to stimulate the muscles and keep doing stretching exercises. These muscles will naturally become larger and stronger after vigorous exercise, and the heat generated during exercise will make the nearby fat become free. These fat will be discharged with the metabolism of the body, so as to achieve the purpose of increasing muscle and reducing fat.

We all know that under the same weight, the volume of muscle is much smaller than fat, so many people’s body shape has been greatly changed, but there is not so much weight loss. That’s the reason. The increase of muscle also offsets some of the weight that should have been lost.

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