Is laser hair removal really effective for a long time? What is its principle? What is the treatment process like?

I don’t know if you ladies and sisters have heard of an online joke that doesn’t depilate in spring and turns into kiwi fruit in summer. So, little fairies, it’s important to get ready for hair removal early. But many young ladies and sisters have cried. Every time they take off their hair, they grow up again. It feels like all their previous efforts have been wasted every time. So today I will recommend a new hair removal method – laser hair removal. This hair removal effect can be said to be forever.

Because in order to achieve long-term hair removal, we must destroy hair follicle stem cells. Hair follicle stem cells are located in the hair follicle bulb, which is deeper than the hair stem of our epidermal hair, and there is no melanin. Our hair removal laser mainly takes melanin as the target, so the hair removal laser actually produces stem cells that can diffuse from the hair stem on the skin surface to the hair nipple through the melanin in the hair stem, so as to destroy the hair follicle stem cells and achieve the purpose of long-term hair removal. To make it easier to understand, a fishing net can catch big fish, half of which are not small, but small fish may slip away from the fishing net. The content of melanin in hair follicles of different hairs is different, and the effect of absorbing laser energy is also different.

Generally, the recommended course of treatment for laser hair removal is once every 28 days, a total of 4-6 times, and the number of times shall be increased according to the hair condition. So many little sisters wonder why laser hair removal needs to be done so many times?

Because the human hair growth cycle has three stages: growth period, transition period and dormancy period. The effect of laser hair removal can only be achieved during the growth period. During the growth period, the pigment particles produced in the hair follicle can fully absorb the thermal energy. At this time, the hair follicle is fragile, and the depilation effect must be very good. The treatment times are also related to the hair density, color and the proportion of non growing hair follicles in the treatment area. Generally, obvious effects can be seen once or twice, and relatively clean effects can be achieved after about six times. To sum up, it is normal to grow some soft fluff again after laser depilation, not depilation failure.

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