Reasons for the good effect of RF wrinkle removal and rejuvenation

With the growth of age, especially after middle age, the skin begins to become rough, dry, lack of water, lack of elasticity and prone to wrinkles. Among various wrinkle removal methods, RF wrinkle removal is more popular, because RF wrinkle removal is not limited by age and skin color, and is suitable for a wide range of people. Through scientific control of energy, the effect of wrinkle removal and skin firming can be achieved.

The principle of RF wrinkle removal is: the RF instrument uses the high-speed RF technology 6 million times per second to act on the skin. The molecules in the skin generate heat energy after high-speed RF movement. After a large amount of heat energy is absorbed, the skin tissue will synthesize a large amount of new collagen. The wrinkles will be smoothed after a large amount of new collagen, and the skin tissue will be tightened to promote the skin to quickly return to a young and healthy state, So as to achieve the beauty effect of eliminating RF, firming and wrinkle, and delaying skin aging.

Radio frequency wrinkle removal technology is a new skin rejuvenation and beauty technology. It can act on the deep layer of dermis and deep fibrous septum, so as to immediately tighten the dermis and fibrous septum and reshape the shape of facial skin. At the same time, medical experts have confirmed through experiments that the selective heat energy of RF can act on the deep and deep fibrous septum of dermis, that is, from dermis to fascia and fibrous tissue, mainly collagen fibers, so as to tighten the skin and reshape the facial shape. Its heat energy has no effect on fat, and the resistance of fiber septum to current is small. Therefore, when acting on human body, there is more current passing through fiber septum.

RF firming and wrinkle removal is mainly suitable for tightening the skin, improving the face, smoothing and tender the skin, facial sculpture, removing true and false wrinkles, repairing stretch marks, improving skin metabolism and anti-aging of the whole body.

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