Today, let’s talk about the principle and advantages of 808 depilator

808 is no different from other hair removal instruments. They are all hair removal, and sometimes they are covered with a single function hat. However, 808 hair removal instrument is still very popular with beauty salons and customers, naturally because it has different advantages.

The advantage of 808 hair removal is first in the effect, that is, the hair removal effect is better, which benefits from two characteristics. The first 808 name comes from filtering light into a single band with a frequency of 808 nm. 808nm needs laser lamp cap and natural sapphire to effectively filter out other stray light. What is the purpose of filtering out the light in this band?

It is because 808nm light is only absorbed by hair. When light depilation or photon rejuvenation, the skin is sometimes tanned. Such accidents occur from time to time. 808 depilation has no such problem. The heat generated by the laser will be transferred to the hair follicle under the skin, and the protein in the hair follicle will be heated and solidified, so it is impossible to provide nutrition for the hair. If the hair loses nutrition, it will not be firm. It can be removed by gently applying external force.

808 because the influence of light on the skin is not considered, the power can also be released, and the depilation effect is naturally outstanding. The stronger the hair grows, the more obvious the effect is.

On the other hand, whether it is pulsed light or laser, it will generate heat when irradiating depilation, and the heat generation is quite high. It is easy to scald the skin during depilation, and even if it is not injured, it will produce serious discomfort. At this time, it depends on another function. 808 freezing point depilation means that the irradiated hand can also be forced cold, and it is the kind of strong cold that can frost in a few seconds, which will not cause accidents to the skin.

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