What are the advantages of 808 semiconductor laser hair removal instrument?

Select light waves and act on target cells accurately

Using Israeli technology, the laser lamp cap is combined with natural sapphire to filter the rest of the stray light and select the single band of 808nm. The heat generated by the laser will be quickly transmitted to the subcutaneous hair follicle and act on the target cells accurately to make the protein in the hair follicle solidify rapidly. If the nutrition needed for the growth of that hair is destroyed, it will fall off naturally.

Moreover, since the light in this band will only be absorbed by the hair, there is no need to worry about the impact of light on the skin during hair removal, and the power can be adjusted at will. The 808 hair removal instrument has the best effect on the removal of thick and hard hair.

Comfortable, gentle and fast hair removal without anti black

Hair removal instruments on the market, whether pulsed light or laser, will produce a certain amount of heat during hair removal. The higher the temperature, the better the hair removal effect. But this often burns our skin. However, the 808 depilator solves this problem very well. Using the method of freezing point depilation, the hand can be strongly cooled while being irradiated by the laser, and the cooling power is equivalent to the speed of frosting in a few seconds. It won’t scald the epidermis, it will feel very comfortable in the whole process of depilation, and the probability of anti black is also very small.

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