What are the advantages of radiofrequency lipolysis?

Radiofrequency lipolysis has the following three advantages:

Advantages of radiofrequency lipolysis for face reduction I. precise guidance

The RF lipolysis face slimming system adopts advanced targeted positioning and strictly controls the penetration of RF with PMT technology. The RF lipolysis face slimming system correctly focuses the RF energy at a specific depth under the skin and acts on the target “target” (i.e. subcutaneous fat cells), such as the “precision guidance weapon” used in combat, which greatly enhances the effectiveness of beauty. A treatment takes only 30 minutes, generally 30 days to see the ideal effect.

The advantages of radiofrequency lipolysis for face slimming are safety first and away from pain

Radiofrequency lipolysis puts the safety of those seeking beauty in the first place. Radiofrequency lipolysis takes advanced non-invasive beauty technology, which is no operation, no injection, no pain, more effective and safer. It is easy and pleasant to do and go, and relatively does not affect work and life. In advocating “green beauty” today, no wonder RF fat dissolving and weight loss will be warmly welcomed by beauty seekers.

Advantages of radiofrequency lipolysis in face reduction: Third, a new concept and breaking the pattern

RF fat dissolving and slimming face is the first RF system with both single and bipolar RF systems, with deep unipolar RF penetration and shallow bipolar RF penetration. Based on this advantage, the efficacy of RF fat dissolving and slimming face will completely surpass any previous unipolar RF system or slimming system; In addition, it also has a unique ring electrode technology and patented PMT technology, which can ensure the uniform distribution of RF field, so as to ensure the smooth hand feeling after fat dissolving and shaping.

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