What are the methods of facial depilation? What are the advantages of each method?

There are many ways to depilate. Do you use one method in all parts of your body? In fact, this is very unscientific. Although they are both sweat and hair, different regions have different characteristics. Appropriate hair removal methods should be adopted according to the characteristics of different parts of the body. Remove the sweat hair on the skin surface, such as shaving with a shaver. This temporary hair removal method can make the skin feel smooth in a short time, but with the passage of time, new sweat hair will grow rapidly. If you shave or shave it again and again, it will make the sweat hair black, thick and hard. Now I would like to recommend Israel’s freezing point hair removal and American M22 laser hair removal.

Freezing point depilation is a kind of long-term laser depilation method, which is patented by Israel Felton laser company. According to the principle of selective photothermal action, it revolutionizes the use of Felton freezing point semiconductor laser depilation instrument. The laser penetrates the skin surface to maintain a certain temperature of hair follicle, mildly inactivates hair follicle and surrounding protocells, and achieves the purpose of long-term depilation. It can cool a large area of facial skin to remove excess hair, effectively protect the surrounding skin and enable beauty lovers to depilate quickly.

Many people choose freezing point for facial hair removal

The freezing point hair removal is mild, which makes the hair follicle automatically lose its activity. The most unique advantage is that it has no pain and can remove facial hair for a long time without damage to the skin.

Therefore, if beauty seekers want to take off facial hair, they choose to do freezing point hair removal.

American scientists and doctors M22 laser hair removal has the following advantages:

  1. The design of M22 allows users to flexibly select the wavelength (515-1200nm), pulse width and pulse sequence to achieve the purpose of treatment without damaging the surrounding tissues.
  2. M22 laser facial hair removal can directly act on hair follicle melanin, conduct micro blasting, effectively seal hair follicles and remove the source, so as to achieve the purpose of effective hair removal.
  3. M22 laser facial hair removal adopts intelligent cooling device to synchronize treatment and cooling, so that you can remove hair easily and comfortably.
  4. The infrared light wave of M22 laser hair remover can stimulate the regeneration of skin collagen, shrink pores, tighten skin, and make the skin smooth and delicate after hair removal.

Of course, if you go to a regular hospital, there will be a hair removal method recommended by the doctor. I believe that one will be suitable for your situation.

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