What side effects does laser hair removal have? Will laser hair removal really do a lot of harm?

Many little sisters have done a lot of hard work for hair removal. Laser hair removal is more popular. So many people are worried about the side effects of laser hair removal? Let me summarize some common questions about laser hair removal.

Does laser hair removal affect perspiration?

Laser hair removal will certainly not affect perspiration! Hair follicles selectively absorb light energy in treatment, which will not make sweat glands suffer a lot of heat. Moreover, human body perspiration also has small sweat glands independent of hair follicles, so perspiration is not affected. Don’t worry about skin damage and difficulty in perspiration.

Will the skin become sensitive after laser depilation?

No, for sensitive situations, we have some misunderstandings. In the process of laser hair removal, it is mainly photothermal effect, which will take away the water in the skin. Therefore, the water content of the skin will decrease after operation, and the skin may turn red. However, these can be ignored during body hair removal. It is mainly necessary to replenish water and moisturize after facial hair removal, so that the skin will not have various complications due to water reduction, In addition, we must avoid eating after operation, otherwise eating hair products will also cause small rash on the skin, so we must remember to replenish water and moisturize after operation.

Will the hair grow again after taking off?

The clinical end point of Jue Mao in medicine is “after treatment, the purpose of Jue Mao is achieved by slowly growing small hair that does not affect the beauty”. Therefore, when you do laser hair removal, you must remember that it does not affect the beauty. It is impossible to have no hair in the hair follicle. Therefore, do not be deceived by some bad businesses to buy more than a dozen courses of treatment. The actual treatment times are about 3-6 times, which can achieve the ideal effect, As long as it doesn’t affect beauty, there’s no need to spend any more money.

Does laser hair removal hurt?

The principle of medical hair removal is mainly because light produces a certain amount of thermal solidification on black hair, and the thermal feeling is obvious. However, because everyone’s skin color is different, the melanin in the skin color absorbs light energy and generates part of heat, so people with darker skin color will have a slight tingling feeling. The normal feeling is an obvious heat feeling and a slight pricking feeling, which is completely within the tolerance range, and the existing equipment basically has epidermal refrigeration technology, so it will feel more comfortable. You can rest assured of treatment.

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