Where women are more sexy, how can they be blocked by hair? What are the advantages of laser hair removal?

Where do you think women are sexier? The foolish little fox thinks there is nothing better than legs. Marilyn Monroe said that the seductive part of a girl’s leg is more direct.

Recently, the weather across the country has gradually warmed up, and everyone has begun to cross the thin. Compared with wearing less on the upper body, it is obvious that the exposed legs are more advanced and attractive. But most girls can’t bear to look directly at their leg skin. Unripe leg hair, rough knee skin, and scars caused by mosquito bites

Nearly half of the 10 girls are troubled by such embarrassing things?!

The principle of laser hair removal is: selective photothermal theory.

In human words, hair follicles and hair are rich in melanin. The darker the material (melanin) absorbs light energy, it will produce more heat, and the temperature will rise sharply, resulting in the destruction of the surrounding hair follicle tissue and the removal of hair. This is like the sun in winter. At the same time, people dressed in black are hotter than people dressed in white. Did you think of something? If the hair is white, can the laser still work? Obviously not. White hair contains no melanin! In the same way, light colored hair contains a small amount of melanin, and the effect of laser will be discounted. A course of laser hair removal needs to be done 3-5 times to have good results. Why can’t it be done once? This comes to the characteristics of hair follicles.

Hair growth is periodic and can be divided into three stages:

1) Growth period (about 3 years)

2) Regression period (about 3 weeks)

3) Quiescent period (about 3 months)

Growing hair follicles contain more melanin, which can produce good results when laser. In the degenerative phase, the melanin in the hair follicle is decreasing. In the resting phase, there is no melanin in the hair follicle.

Therefore, laser hair removal should be done at an interval of time and several times, which can play a role for all hair follicles.

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