Why do beauty salons choose 808 semiconductor laser hair removal instrument?

In fact, many people don’t think it’s necessary to depilate in the four seasons. In fact, it’s not necessary for many people to depilate in the past year. Now most people will choose the household hair removal instrument, but the laser and power of the hair removal instrument are not so stable, which will not only damage our skin, but also the hair removal effect is not so good.

In contrast, the hair removal instruments in beauty salons are much more formal and the effect will be much better. But now there are a variety of hair removal projects in the beauty salon. What type of hair removal equipment should we choose?

Selection of hair removal instruments in beauty salons

When it comes to hair removal instrument, 808 hair removal instrument should be a popular hair removal method at present. Select 808nm wavelength, which can directly reach hair follicle tissue, convert light energy into heat energy, and sharply increase the temperature of hair follicle, so as to achieve the effect of damaging hair follicle tissue and hair shedding. Moreover, a single wavelength is only aimed at hair follicle, and the surrounding skin tissue will not be damaged. Compared with other hair removal projects, it has better effect, less pain and less stimulation!

At present, there are many manufacturers of 808 hair removal instrument. Different manufacturers use different technologies and produce different effects. The 808 hair removal instrument of regular beauty instrument manufacturers is an intelligent operating system, which can automatically recommend appropriate treatment parameters according to skin color, hair soft hardness and hair color system, and different parameters are used in different parts, The corresponding treatment course can also be formulated according to the individual’s different physique. The effect is more ideal. Moreover, the investigation found that the probability of permanent depilation with 808 depilator can reach more than 90%.

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